> Thursday Mapso Hill Workouts at 5:45 am (Starting Point is in South Orange at the corner of N Wyoming Ave and Overhill Drive, see map below)


> Saturday Mapso Ride at 7:00 am (Starting Point is in Millburn at High Gear Cyclery): Various rides with different paces.

* Specific start times will be confirmed via email to the club members via the MAPSO Listserv along with any other rides that are going out.


What does all that lingo mean in the posts about group bike rides?
by David Leit

WHAT IS A “DROP” RIDE? A “Drop” ride means that if you can’t keep up with the group, the group is not going to wait for you and you will get “dropped.” If you are heading out on a “drop” ride, either make very certain you are able to keep up, or that you know the route back on your own (GPS is a good idea!).

WHAT IS A “NO DROP” RIDE? A no-drop ride means that the riders take a couple of minutes to re-group at points along the ride when the group splinters (usually after climbs or at major junctures). However, it is still your responsibility to do your best to keep up and not join rides that are beyond your level of ability. While no-drop rides make every effort to keep people together, people sometimes do get dropped if they are unable to keep up, particularly if the slower rider gets out of sight of the lead group and misses a turn. You should have GPS with you (such as your phone) with you on rides. You should also let the ride leader know if you are having trouble. Very importantly, if you are going to intentionally drop off the ride, let someone know, so the group doesn’t come back looking for you.

CAN I RIDE A TRI BIKE ON GROUP RIDES? If you are riding a tri-bike/time trial (“TT”) bike during a group ride, you are not allowed to be in your aerobars unless you are the lead biker or riding 2 bike lengths off the next biker. TT bikes by design are less nimble and maneuverable than road bikes; and, therefore, when riding in a pace line or group, it is unsafe to not have ready access to your brakes. For safety’s sake, this rule needs to be self-policed during the rides; however, if it slips people’s minds, we encourage others to remind individuals of this rule when they are riding.

WHAT IS A "PRO PACE LINE FORMAT" RIDE? As riding in packs with TT bikes can be dangerous due to the forward positioning of the rider and relative lack of maneuverability of the bike, a pro pace line format simply means that riders, when in aero position, maintain a minimum distance of two bike lengths between each other. The lead biker is the pacer and lead changes occur as riders pass on the left.

HOW DO I KNOW WHICH RIDE IS RIGHT FOR ME? First thing to keep in mind: if you are in doubt between 2 different rides, err on the side of the slower one. You can always move up to a faster ride next time, but it’s not fun getting dropped your first time out. Second thing to keep in mind: When we post the average speed of a ride, it is the average speed from start to finish, including time spent at lights, re-grouping, etc. Bear in mind that our area also tends to be hillier than most race courses, so speeds are slower for that reason, too. The speed for a training ride will nearly always be slower than the same cyclists would ride in a race.
Lingo people use to describe paces:

  • “A” / Hammer / Business / Going Hard /All-out: 18-19 mph and up. These are our fastest rides. Usually drop rides.

  • “B” / Core / Moderate: 16-18 mph. Usually no-drop rides.

  • “C” / Easy / Friendly / Taper / Recovery: 13-16 mph. Almost always no-drop rides.

Bear in mind that the what is “easy” to one person may be “hammer” to another, so if in doubt about a post that uses anything other than mph, feel free to ask. For example, I like to ride with Bryan Magnus when he says he’s doing a “taper” or “easy” ride because I know it will be a tough workout for me but Bryan will circle back when he drops me!

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