General Chest Stretch (The Team at APRC)

The chest muscles, aka the pectoralis major and minor, are very important muscles for everyday life.   Contrary to popular belief, they are not only designed for the chest press at the gym.  You are also using the muscles when you are lifting something over your head, swimming, or even arm wrestling.  They also provide stabilization to the shoulder with various different movements like carrying luggage or holding a baby.  This is so because the pectoralis major and minor connect to two different parts of the shoulder complex.  As a result, any shoulder movement works in concert with the chest muscles.  With so much use of the muscle, it is easy to see how it can become strained or overworked.  A tight chest muscle can lead to a forward shoulder roll and poor posture, which can lead to different types of pain in the chest, shoulder, neck, or upper back area.

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